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Friday, June 2, 2017

A New Day Rising

Of course it is 11:24 AM central time, so the new day arose hours ago. But this is metaphorical title for a post. I have noticed that I have an annual blog. It seems to me that I should put a little more effort into my blogging. So, I have decided to post again. Maybe I will even post often enough to feel like I should let people know this blog exists. They can line up around the block to read it, or they can just type in Then again, maybe not. Maybe I should just keep this, my secret. Or maybe my words will just swell the 1's and 0's online until everything explodes and sends the earth careening into an asteroid. It's only fair since they have careened into us. Yes, this is senseless drivel. We all have our own special skills.
These are Rod's words.

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